Our Story: O’Ryan Event Center

We built our family business literally from scratch–with a little teff flour, some yeast, warm water and a pinch of salt. After just the right batter was developed, founding father Francesco O’Ryan used his mechanical engineering savvy to design a rotating hot plate that would allow the mass production of injera and hambasha, the daily breads of East African families. 

As our bakery grew, we moved into our current location at University Ave. and Avon St. in St. Paul. When renters in the front of the building retired, we knew it was time to add an event venue to our well-established bakery

To our bakery and now to our events venue, we bring a spirit of hopefulness and open hearts and minds for our diverse community and world. We welcome you to join us as you celebrate milestones with family, friends, colleagues, loved ones and neighbors.

We look at gatherings as a way to strengthen families and build community, to deepen our shared sense of humanity. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to host your gathering.